September 29th-October 1st 2017!   


We’ve attempted to put together a list of important things to remember before heading out to the show. These are tips, information and just overall good tidbits that may help make your weekend even more spectacular!

  • All Guests will be attending all three days, unless otherwise specified on our website.
  • Guest list is subject to change.
  • We WILL NOT sell out of daily passes or 3-day passes at the door.
  • Most stars will charge for their autograph. ScareFest has no control over who charges or who doesn’t charge, or the prices set by stars. The price for most photos of the celebrities usually runs between $20-$50.
  • Inside the exhibit hall there is a concession stand that sells food, drinks and beer. The Food Court and coffee shop are available just outside of the main area.
  • Once you you enter the Heritage Hall be sure to keep your receipt so if you leave you will need to show your receipt to return.
  • Certain programs (Gallery Readings, Workshops, etc.) may require an additional paid ticket to enter.
  • Photography is allowed in the center, but be courteous of the stars. It’s always best to ask their permission before taking their picture.
  • Platinum/Golden Ticket holders will receive early entry into the event one hour before everyone else.
  • Expect long lines for some of the stars. ScareFest Staph will be controlling the lines, but please be courteous of the Vendor booths that may be adjacent to these lines. Allow plenty of room for people to continue shopping while you wait in line.

As always, if there is a question you have that we haven’t answered, you can email us, or post a message to our FACEBOOK page

**There is now a ScareFest Fan Group on FaceBook that is managed by our adoring fans. We encourage you to join to post comments and feedback during the year.