September 29th-October 1st 2017!   

Film Festival @

Presented by Izzy's Little Creepers

2016 ScareFest 9 Film Festival Schedule

*Fri(Sep 30)

Time Film Company Running Time

5:45pm Karma Tristan Clay Film (15 min) ^2015 Official Selection Encore Presentation

6:30pm The Twisted Realm: Reign of Darkness Twisted Paranormal Society (70 min) ^2015 Winner Encore Presentation

8:00pm Peelers (International) Pound (LBS) Pictures (96 min) +Kentucky Premiere

*Sat(Oct 1)

Time Film Company Running Time

11:30am Brain Damage Wine & Pop Tarts (41 min)

12:30pm The Visitor BCTC (9 min) #World Premiere

1:00pm Project Unknown- Case:St. Albans Sanatorium 3B’s& A Beard Productions (45 min) #World Premiere

2:00pm The Third Day Exposure Film Foundry (21 min) #World Premiere

3:00pm Volumes of Blood Verite Cinema Films (96 min) ^2015 Winner Encore Presentation

5:30pm SPECTASM- “Witching Hour” WillCoFilms (7 min)

6:00pm Thunder Boat WillCoFilms (51 min) #World Premiere

7:30pm The Barn Nevermore Production Films (96 min) >Lexington Premiere

*Sun(Oct 2)

Time Film Company Running Time

11:30am Fall of Grayskull Red Serial Films (37 min) >Lexington Premiere

12:30pm A Convenient Store Short Box Entertainment (22 min) +Kentucky Premiere

1:30pm The Confession of Fred Krueger Rebel Rouser Comics (31 min) >Lexington Premiere


Brain Damage

Thunder Boat


Fall of Grayskull

Izzy's Little Creepers

Located in Elizabethtown, KY, Izzy's was founded in June 2009 originally as a gothic art studio at the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville. Izzy's was home to 41 local artists before closing our doors in June 2011. After taking a year off to re-tool the company, we became a Haunted Attractions and Events company.  We created Elizabethtown's first ever Zombie Fest in Oct 2012, along with the award winning Stitch Factory, the first haunted house in Elizabethtown in 17 years. During the Zombie Fest, Izzy’s was able to raise $760 for Icing Smiles (a charity for families with children who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness) through a silent auction. The turnout was so over whelming, over 800+ people came out dressed as zombies, that Izzy’s created the Night Risers Film Festival & Expo to make a fuller event. Now held during the last weekend in October at the Pritchard Community Center, several charities benefit from this annual event.

In 2015, we created the award winning Lost Trail of Terror, and the Maize of Lost Souls haunted corn maze, at the Thomas Dairy Farm and Market located in Cecilia, KY. Izzy’s will begin building props for haunted houses and home use soon, including electric chairs, guillotines, coffins, and more.  Spinning out of Izzy’s Little Creepers is our sister company, the award winning Hataritaville. Hataritaville specializes in Kentucky Derby hats and fascinators, as well as steam punk, gothic, Halloween, and witch hats and fascinators. We also make hand crafted jewelry, purses, and decorative masks.  Izzy’s little Creepers joined forces with the Scarefest in 2012 to develop and run the film festival portion of this event. This is an opportunity for local, national, and international film makers to show their work, and gain recognition throughout the industry.

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