September 29th-October 1st 2017!   

BLOODTYPES: The Official ScareFest Literary Journal

Do you have a tale trying to crawl out of your brain and splatter itself on a page? Do you have a tale of terror, a new horror tale worth telling around the campfire, or a poem celebrating the grotesque underbelly of the psyche, or dark and ghastly artwork? Then ScareFest invites you to submit your work for consideration in the inaugural edition of ScareFest’s literary journal, “Blood Types”. As the ScareFest has shown a dedication to the regional film scene through the Film Festival component, we are proud to announce we also want to encourage our fans to take advantage of this new opportunity! Those submissions chosen will be featured in our inaugural issue which will premiere for sale at ScareFest 2016!

Blood Types, the new literary journal of the Scare Fest, is proud to announce another new opportunity for the talented purveyors of the macabre, the dark, and the ghastly. Due to popular demand, we will now be able to allow not only the submission of original poetry and short fiction for publication consideration in Blood Types, but have expanded that opportunity to include artwork. Do you have an image of terror, horror, or something that you have created that will burn itself into the mind’s eye? We encourage you to submit it!

The submission guidelines are as follows – the artwork can be completed in any medium but must be submitted digitally and in high quality so that it may be enlarged or altered by Scare Fest as needed for publication. Those selected will be published in the Blood Types literary journal that will be sold at Scare Fest in a limited edition, inaugural launch of the Blood Types journal.

What you need to know:

  • Submission fees are $15 – Click HERE to pay submission fee. 
  • Submitting is not a guarantee of publication – a group of editors will review and select from all submissions.
  • Submission fees are non-refundable as they will fund the publication of the journal.
  • All submissions, including payments, must be submitted no later than  August 1, 2016. This is a hard deadline as it will allow our editorial review committee time to read all submissions and choose those for publication. Click HERE to email your submission for the journal. 
  • The author must agree that the work is a completely new piece of fiction and must also be willing to sign a contract with ScareFest stating that the work is wholly original, that no plagiarism or other issues are at risk, or that there are other such concerns.
  • The literary journal itself will be sold at the ScareFest booth during the convention for $9.99 so even if you are not interested in writing, but want to read some new voices in horror, you can get a copy.

Copies will be limited – Blood Types is a limited print literary journal only available at ScareFest.

Those published will receive:

  • One free copy of the issue of Blood Types in which their short fiction or poem appears.
  • You will also have the opportunity to sit on a panel of authors and sign the issue of Blood Types in which their story appears. Interact with fans who bought the journal your work appears in and get to converse with them. Tentatively, this event will take place on Sunday.
  • Published authors will have their photo included with the story /poem and will also be allowed to include one link – so if you are chosen and you have a writer’s blog, an author’s website, or somewhere else you would like to have included, we can do that.

ScareFest reserves the right to reject or alter stories, as needed.

Publication guidelines:

  • We are looking for short fiction – sometimes called short shorts – in that we are hoping for content no longer than 2,000 words.
  • We will consider poems as well as short stories as long as they are in the same nature of the intent of ScareFest – fiction about the unexplained, the paranormal, and horror genres.
  • Do not infringe or otherwise refer to established characters – while an ode to your favorite horror movie icon may be great, we want new and engaging characters – try to create a new horror icon or give us a scare we have not had before.
  • The decisions of the editorial committee are final. We do wish to encourage and engage a new generation of writers of horror or to receive short pieces from established writers, but we also have to ensure that the inaugural printing is not the last. We want fans to have ScareFest’s Blood Types as a horror magazine for years to come!

More guidelines, information, and a copy of the standard contract may be requested by contacting [email protected]

Until next time, may the monsters at your door be the ones that you invited,