September 29th-October 1st 2017!   


Join us for a Full Day of Festivities to celebrate the first annual “National Ghost Hunting Day”

Schedule Date and Time Activity Location

Saturday, October 1


“What Ensues When The World Calls For Spirit At the Very Same Moment?”

Panel Discussion of National Ghost Hunting Day’s Largest Paranormal Investigation and Experiment (see below)

Elkhorn Room

Saturday, October 1

9:30pm – 10:15pm

National Ghost Hunting Day Celebrations! Join Paranormal Celebrities and Fans for the Inauguration of the first Proclamation of “National Ghost Hunting Day” AND the shot-gun start of “Largest Ghost Hunt”. Witness 60 teams world-wide take off on the largest paranormal investigation ever! Costume Ball Stage

Saturday, October 1-2

10PM – 12:30 AM

COMMAND CENTER ACTION and Paranormal Meet and Greet for the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”

Come see the action as we Live-Streamed hundreds of investigators all around the world take part in a Collective Conscious Experiment with Live Command Central action from Brian Cano to the participants!

Meet and greet Paranormal Celebrities and fellow Paranormal Investigators/Enthusiasts observe the energies that are expected from an experience never done before inn Paranormal History

The “Command Center” Right outside the Costume Ball Hal.

Haunted Journey presents the 5 WOW’s of National Ghost Hunting Day.

WOW #1:

Haunted Journeys has secured “National Ghost Hunting Day”, to be held annually on the first October of each year, starting in 2016!

WOW #2:

To celebrate the first National Ghost Hunting Day”, Haunted Journeys will sponsor the LARGEST GHOST HUNT EVENT ever! (And we want YOU to be a part of it!)

WOW #3:

This event will be an orchestrated Coast-To-Coast Ghost Hunt with teams conducting ghost hunts all over the nation, at the very same time! The event will start with a SHOT-GUN START from (yes… get ready!) “THE SCAREFEST” (Show on October 1! Only the BEST Horror and Paranormal Show will be good for this event!)

WOW #4:

We will attempt to register this as the LARGEST GHOST HUNT EVER with the Guinness World Book of Records! Yes, this will be historical!  W

WOW #5:

This event now will be one of the biggest Paranormal Research Experiment ever conducted … on an international level, with teams now joining us in every continent in the world! Yes, the scientifically-infused BRIAN CANO will lead the research and experiment with the para-research smart minds of Paranormal Database. Imagine capturing data from a large base of paranormal investigations occurring at the very same time? Be part of it!

The Details:

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Haunted Journeys

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Be sure to plan to join the Panel "The Bridge Experiment

When: Saturday, October 1st

Time: 3:15 - 4:15

Where: Elkhorn A Ballroom

TITLE: What Ensues When The World Calls For Spirit At The Very Same Moment? 
“The Bridge Experiment”

SPEAKERS:   “National Ghost Hunting Day” Panel
Brian Cano, Christopher St Booth, Maria Schmidt, Daniel Klaes


Imagine hundreds of ghost hunters, metaphysically light-workers, para-scientists and the paranormally curious coming together, from every corner of the world, at the very same moment, with the same purpose and the same conditions, calling out for communication to the other side.

On October 1 at 10PM EST, this is exactly what will happen. The Scarefest will serve as the launch and command center for the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”. Led by Brian J. Cano, the architect of this global experiment, we will witness Intelligent and skillfully designed experiments implemented during a two hour period. The investigator, the scientist, the sensitive and even the skeptic will collaborate with purpose, for these are the four pillars that leverage the theory of collective consciousness … in a shared dimension, under one collaborative global calling.

This panel will introduce the experiment, named “The Bridge” and discuss the possibilities that may occur under the conditions of what is known as “Collective Consciousness”. The panel includes skilled practitioners that have been involved with, in one way or another, with this phenomenon. You will hear a discussion that will add a new and challenging dimension to the traditional paranormal investigation.

Many Locations. One team. One Bridge. One Communication.

Be prepared to be stirred and dared, while being enlightened on a new methodology that demands earth-bound beings come together as one and engage with the spiritual energy on the other side of “the bridge”.

Brian Cano

As a Paranormal Scientist, Brian J. Cano is the architect of the largest known Collective Consciousness experiment called “The Bridge”. Fascinated by the paranormal since he was 10 years old, Brian is a scientist, led by a mission is to quantify, measure and get empirical evidence for the phenomena being investigated. His goal to maintain a skeptical edge, a position he now admits he can no longer embrace. As he often says, “It’s not the phenomena I am skeptical about, it’s those who report it.”

Brian is well known for his role as the Tech Specialist on Haunted Collector, now showing on Destination America. Brian is a scientist whose mission is to quantify, measure and get empirical evidence for the phenomena within the paranormal. Now with Scared!, Brian continues this pursuit with his international “The Method” tours where he focuses and teaches the process, philosophy and execution of his noted investigative strategies

Christopher Saint Booth

Christopher Saint Booth is a Producer, Director, Composer, Production Designer, Author and Artist of films, TV, Cable, Internet, Mobile and documentaries for SyFy Channel, Chiller, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Chiller, Discovery, Travel Channel, Redbox, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes,, Roku, Disney, Spooked Productions, AT&T, Apple and foreign distributors worldwide. CEO of Spooked Television and Twintalk Entertainment. Known for films: Dead Still (Syfy) Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), The Possessed, Spooked, Children Of The Grave (as seen on Syfy), The Exorcist File (Redbox) and DarkPlace (Amazon).

This coming season during “Ghostober”, Christopher joins the Destination America network with the premiere of “The Exorcist File” the true story of The Exorcist, airing on October 7th. During this presentation, Christopher will be part of the first ever paranormal investigation of the actual possessed boy’s home.

Daniel Klaes

Daniel Klaes, as co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society, has tackled some of the most challenging paranormal cases in the region. Dan is also a producer of Behind the Shadows which is a documentary series that can be viewed internationally on the Roku station Paranormal Reality TV. He is also a radio host (Phenomena Encountered) on the Crossroads Radio Network, a sought after speaker, and author, having penned (Hinsdale House, An American Haunting).

In June of 2015 Dan realized a lifelong dream. The infamous Hinsdale House, site of the infestation and structural exorcism became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and became the owner. Klaes immediately began renovations to stabilize the house, which continue to this day. Shortly afterwards he opened the location, called The Hinsdale House, for the purpose paranormal research and has hosted local, national and international paranormal teams.

Destination America has featured the Hinsdale House on the hit TV series “Paranormal Lockdown” with Nick Groff and Katrina Wiedman. The episode was the highest viewed episode of the series.

Maria Schmidt

As founder of Haunted Journeys, Maria is inspired by creating a level of unity and public awareness for best practices for the paranormal community. Particularly geared toward the scientific holistic model for research (as a Registered Nurse), Maria believes that it takes a wide spectrum of approaches that are measureable and purposely delivered.

Maria and her husband, Bob, owned and operated one of the most celebrated haunted inns in Florida, and has participated in professional conducted Collective Consciousness with the direction of (both) Brian Cano and George C. Lopez from Dead Air Radio.

Today, the Schmidts, have energized and organized the celebration of the first annual National Ghost Hunting Day, with its celebratory event “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”. This opportunity offered the most perfect opportunity for Cano to lead the largest experiment of its kind of Collective Consciousness.