September 29th-October 1st 2017!   

ScareFest VIP Party

This year’s VIP Party will be another fan favorite affair. We will be enjoying the evening at the acclaimed Manchester Music Hall, which is located a short distant from the center in the area now known as the Distillery District at 899 Manchester St., Lexington, KY. 

We are so excited to be having this year’s ScareFest VIP Party at Manchester Music Hall this year. It has two long bars stations in both rooms of the bar. The drinks will be served so much faster and they are priced lower than ever before. The atmosphere is awesome and the music is going to be a big mix of hits from the 80’s that will fit in our Horror Camp theme. You will be pleased to find a huge open space for dancing and mingling. There will be some ordure’s but because we will be standing and dancing to music there will not be a lot of seating while everyone is having fun. We have a balcony where the stars will be enjoying the evening with their fans. The stage is about six foot high so that everyone will be able to see who is on stage during the party. I think that this will be our finest party ever!!

The magical atmosphere of the VIP Party will be filled with the sounds and talent of The RockStar DJ TRE, known for his work as a horror icon impersonator, night club DJ, convention after party rocker and straight up RockStar! He is known for causing havoc nationwide with banging beats, huge parties, and flat out good times. He is also the Official DJ of the one and only Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Crunk Energy Drink, and Red Monkey Designs. RockStar DJ TRE has rocked stages with hit artists like Hinder, Chris Brown, Skid Row, Lil Jon and many more. His ability to move crowds and take them on a crazy music induced journey keeps him being sought after for convention after convention, and concert after concert.

This party is designed for our VIP ScareFest fans to come together to enjoy a rocking atmosphere, professional performances and interactive time with the stars while making new friends.

Please know that most of the celebrities will also want to take pleasure in enjoying themselves at the VIP Party. They are not there for a photo opt so please respect their space so they can enjoy the party with you and friends.

You must be 21 years or older to purchase alcohol beverages at the VIP Party.